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来源:可可英语 编辑:Vicki ?  VIP免费外教试听课 |  可可官方微信:ikekenet

It is common nowadays for employees to value whether a job is worth to take based on how many further educational opportunities the companies offer. But when we come to the question that should company pay for employees to get their university degree, opinions vary from person to person. Personally speaking, I give assent to the statement that company should pay for employees regarding pursuing the college degree, because the advantages which this measurement brings to the enterprise are much overweight the disadvantages.
Some people argue that provide the employee's tuition of the university will become a significant financial burden to the company and this may even result in financial crisis. I admit that requiring all the employees to get university degree is not practical and money wasting. But we cannot deny that offering a proper portion of employees to get university degree can not only encourage the employees to work harder but also improve the workers' proficiency.
By affording more employees to obtain university degree, a company will have more skilled workers. In that way, employees develop their professional skills, and at the same time, the company improves its efficacy and proficiency. We can better understand this proclaim by the comparison between two companies. We all know that The Apple Company owns many high-educated employees while the Foxconn Company owns only a small portion of employees who are of graduation. The Apple Company publishes new iPhones annually and earns a lot of money. But the Foxconn Company often stuck in the scandal of long and harsh working environment and low paid. So maybe, in the beginning, a company needs to pay more, it will get a huge amount of money back in turn for its investment in employees' university education.
Secondly,providing more employees to go further education will make the employees appreciate their company more and thus enhance the consolidation of the company.It is not hard to image this. When your boss tells you that he will pay for you to go further education in university, you must be fervid about this chance and may even determine to spare no effect to build your company better. I will definitely do if my company will do me this favor. If most of the employees appreciate what the company does for them, the consolidation of the company will be much more strengthened.
In summarize, I believe it is beneficial for company to provide chance for their employees to have more education in university. This decision can do a lot of favor to the further development of the enterprise due to more intelligent clerks and more harmony ambiance.

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comparison [kəm'pærisn]


n. 比较

environment [in'vaiərənmənt]


n. 环境,外界

determine [di'tə:min]


v. 决定,决心,确定,测定

scandal ['skændl]


n. 丑闻,中伤,反感,耻辱

professional [prə'feʃənl]


adj. 职业的,专业的,专门的
n. 专业人

efficacy ['efikəsi]


n. 功效

beneficial [.beni'fiʃəl]


adj. 有益的,有利的

harmony ['hɑ:məni]


n. 和弦,协调,和睦,调和

understand [.ʌndə'stænd]


vt. 理解,懂,听说,获悉,将 ... 理解为,认为<

fervid ['fə:vid]


adj. 热的;热心的